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9 Ondernemers om in de gaten te houden: de Start-up Editie

Entrepreneurs deserve to be put in the spotlight. On today's agenda aren't Bill Gates or Elon Musk, but promising start-up companies from Belgium targeting SMEs and companies with their clever solutions.
9 Ondernemers om in de gaten te houden: de Start-up Editie
Esther Van den Eynde
Published On
18 november 2021

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Ondernemers zijn ambitieus. Iedere dag 100% geven om je dromen waar te maken en te groeien naar de beste versie van jezelf en je team. Niet evident en niet voor iedereen weggelegd. Ondernemers verdienen het om in de spotlight gezet te worden.

Vandaag hebben we het niet over Bill Gates, Elon Musk, wel over ondernemers van Vlaamse bodem. Meer specifiek: jonge start-up ondernemers die het leven van KMO's en bedrijven net iets gemakkelijker willen maken.


Co-founders:Jorn Vanysacker, Gilles Mattelin en Wouter Van Respaille

Legal Services

Jorn Vanysacker, Gilles Mattelin en Wouter Van Respaille richtten samen de Gentse start-up Henchman op.

Wat is het? Dankzij een Microsoft Word add-in kan je sneller contracten opstellen op basis van eerder geschreven clausules die worden opgehaald uit je database. Geen speciale programma's, alles gebeurt gewoon in je vertrouwde Microsoft Word doc.

"The fastest contract drafting experience ever made", is hun belofte.

Resultaat: Het resultaat: Meer tijd om te focussen op wat er echt toe doet én betere kwaliteit en coherentie over jouw contracten heen.


Co-founders: Maura Nachtergaele, Jon Lopez Garcia,Filip Van Doninck

Human Resources

Hot in the HR industry: cafeteria plans, the à la carte approach to pay packages.

"If 'on demand' is the future (Spotify, Netflix, Streamz,..), why not apply this principle to pay packages?!" Payflip states on LinkedIn.

Payflip is a tool that allows SMEs to pay smart and flexible salaries by means of tax-optimized and personalized pay packages. No sky-high wage costs, but a win-win for employer and employee.


Founder: Arnout Van de Meulebroucke

Computer & Network Security

How to ensure a good cyber-hygiene of your company? Arnout Van de Meulebroucke has the answer. His start-up Phished simulates realistic cyber attacks that make companies and employees aware of the pitfalls of phishing and teach them how to correctly and safely deal with online threats.

Remote interaction requires watertight systems now more than ever before. Computers, laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices need to be properly secured. "Previous 'waves' of the coronavirus have proven that everyone is more vulnerable when left to their own devices, which is why we feel there is still a strong need for more guidance," they highlight on LinkedIn.


Co-founders: Alexandre Goossens, Louise Blondé

Computer Software

Een social media start-up kan in deze lijst natuurlijk niet ontbreken! Connus en Willow delen alvast minstens één belangrijke visie:"Your social media is worth a lot."

De app (die al in 40 landen wordt gebruikt!) brengt <b>influencers</b> en <b>bedrijven</b> sneller en vlotter samen. "Connus is the wingman between a brand and you.", valt er te lezen op de website.

More and more companies are recognizing the added value of influencer marketing, and especially micro-influencers for SMEs. Authentic content, a connection between company and content creator, are Connus' top priorities.

Ending note

Building a strong (personal) brand isn't easy, especially as a busy entrepreneur. Know that you're not alone. Willow and our coaches are here to help you build the reputation you've always wanted. You're only one free trial away.