How Enjoy Jobs doesn't have to worry about social media

Enjoy Jobs uses Willow to easily find content and inspiration to create interesting posts for their target audience.


Ilse Velema

April 12, 2021

"With Willow we're gaining a marketing expert."

Enjoy Jobs creates strong relationships between employers and jobseekers for the perfect job in a healthy environment. A strong online presence and presence on social media is part of their communication strategy.

"It is often very busy and we want to tackle social media as efficiently and effectively as possible. And that works well with Willow. For example, I did not know that you could schedule messages! Now we can draw up a schedule across all channels. From Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and LinkedIn: we have a plan for each channel and can now manage everything centrally."

"You don't have to worry about social media with Willow."

Willow makes things easy

"The Willow platform is user-friendly and we save a lot of time. This way you can easily find content and inspiration to create interesting posts for your target audience," says Fien. "We now post 3 times a week. 1 article for candidates or companies with tips & tricks, a post with a vacancy in the spotlight and every Friday we post some lighter content. This can be a review or news from Enjoy Jobs, or we put a special event in the spotlight. "

What made us particularly happy at Willow is Fien's compliment about Willow's way of working. “Now we can also share videos and I notice that Willow listens carefully to the customer.


Fien and Maureen have a monthly (virtual) meeting. "The Willow platform is intuitive and easy to use. The monthly coaching moment is a nice addition for us. Maureen ensures a good follow-up and gives useful tips & tricks to apply immediately. At the end of the year she works with us to set goals for next year. This way we also keep an eye on the progress of our social media channels. So Willow doesn't only provide a handy tool, but also the expertise of a marketer."

About Enjoy Jobs

Enjoy Jobs is a specialist in HR support. We connect employers and jobseekers through a strong network and a personal approach. We do this with integrity and focus on a healthy working climate. In addition to recruitment & selection, we also offer testing & assessment and workshops on health at work.

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